Szikra (Spark) is a left-wing political organisation representing social and green causes. 

Reacting to the challenges of current left-wing politics, we aim to connect housing, environmental and labour issues in the political space, using direct activism, organising public events, facilitating online knowledge transfer, and institutional politics when necessary. We also aim to put pressure on the existing political system and hold those in power accountable.

Our work is embedded in a deep-seated critique of the prevailing political-economic system. Hence, the cornerstone of our activities is to equip Szikra members with strategic, theoretical, and practical skills, preparing them for political situations offering opportunities for direct action.

We also use our platforms to promote ongoing initiatives that are engaged in direct action, advocacy, and/or public policy work in areas of interest to us. Our common goal is to strengthen existing movements, promote the achievement of common political goals, and to promote an anti-systemic, leftist and ecological approach in Hungarian public opinion and political debates.

The members of Szikra strive for a country defined by economic and political democracy and environmental protection. 

An interview with our board members on Mérce (in Hungarian)!

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